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Aquaplan® is the perfect waterproof alternative to laminated plans.

Durable and tear resistant, Aquaplan® is ideal for use on building and construction sites. Simple, fast & efficient service direct to you, your client or site.

Aquaplan® prices

A0 AquaPlan - Waterproof building plans

A0 Waterproof plans


  • Colour A0 waterproof plan print
  • Tear resistant
  • 200gsm polypropylene paper
  • 914mm x 1189mm
  • Delivered rolled
A1 AquaPlan - Waterproof building plans

A1 Waterproof plans


  • Colour A1 waterproof plan print
  • Tear resistant
  • 200gsm polypropylene paper
  • 594mm x 914mm
  • Delivered rolled
A2 AquaPlan - Waterproof building plans

A2 Waterproof plans


  • Colour A2 waterproof plan print
  • Tear resistant
  • 200gsm polypropylene paper
  • 420mm x 610mm
  • Delivered rolled

What is Aquaplan?

Aquaplan®, developed by Clickpost, presents an exceptional solution as an alternative to laminated plans, offering a multitude of advantages for various applications. Aquaplans® are renowned for their exceptional durability, water resistance, tear resistance, and UV stability, making them ideal for outdoor exposed locations. With a lifespan upto 12 months or more, Aquaplan® is particularly well-suited for on-site building plans.

In comparison to traditional A0 and A1 laminated or encapsulated plans, Aquaplan® stands out as a cost-effective alternative. Conventionally, laminated plans involve printing on standard large format paper, followed by a labor-intensive process of sandwiching the prints between two plastic sheets. This intricate procedure drives up the cost of laminated plans significantly.

However, Clickpost’s Aquaplan® streamlines the production process by utilising a single direct-to-polypropylene print method. Through this innovative approach, specially formulated pigment ink is directly applied onto A0 or A1 polypropylene paper. As a result, Clickpost is able to pass on the time and cost savings to their customers, providing a low-cost alternative to laminated or encapsulated plans.

It is worth noting that Aquaplan® is a recently introduced product by Clickpost, and as such, ordering is currently limited to ordering via email. Unfortunately, Aquaplan® cannot be ordered through the upload tool at this time. For any questions or requests for quotations regarding waterproof building plans, customers are encouraged to reach out to Clickpost’s dedicated support team via email at support@click-post.co.uk

Key features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Tear resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Fade resistant
  • Excellent alternative to laminated plans
  • Cost effective

Aquaplan waterproof plans are perfect for:

  • Building and construction sites.
  • Set-out and setting out plans
  • Foundation plans
  • Drainage plans
  • Brick plans
  • Joist layouts
  • Roof truss layouts
Aquaplan - Waterproof plans, perfect alternative to laminated plans