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Plan Printing for

Architects and Architectural Designers

We are experts in the printing of Architects and Architectural Designers plans. Founded upon years of experience, Click Post has a fundamental understanding of the importance of design intent. Our expertise ensures your plans get printed, folded and delivered flawlessly.

Architect Case Study:

Jonathan is a sole practitioner Architect ( who provides architectural services to residential clients in and around the East Midlands. Jonathans time gets split between meeting clients, drawing, project managing, emails, and assembling teams of consultants such as engineers and interior designers. Jonathan regularly prepares detailed and presentation drawings at A1 size, with colour to clearly show his design intent. Drawings typically include planning drawings in colour, through to technical/working drawings for building regulation submissions and tendering.

The Problem:

Based from a home office, finding space for a large format printer isn’t practical; therefore outsourcing the printing of large format plans is a sensible alternative. “I would have to send the plans to a printer located about 20 mins drive away. They would invariably need 2-4 days lead time to print. Sometimes I would need to chase it up. Drive to collect, park, pick up, physically pay with cash. It was a pain and took out at least an hour of my day! I would often wait to batch print in large quantities; therefore some clients had to wait longer than others for plans. Some clients needed plans the next day, and I would have to let them down or beg the printers to hurry it up.”.

The Solution:

Click Post has “streamlined the printing and distribution process greatly” for Jonathan, and has relieved some time to focus on fee-earning tasks. Click Post is also more competitively priced than the local print shop, saving not only time but money too. We asked Jonathan if he had ever recommended Click post. “I’ve recommended Click Post to 6-7 people from memory. 3-4 builders, two other architects/designers. They all own printers and are often fuming because their plotter needs servicing, runs out of ink or randomly drops the connection to their computer. I recommended Click Post because it takes this frustrating process out of the equation. Countless times I’ve been into an architects office as a consultant, and they say to me their printer isn’t working and they have no idea why! I tell them ‘Use Click Post’, but I don’t think they’ve tried you yet”.

Architects Drawings in General:

Large Projects:

On a large project such as the development of a new office complex – Architects drawings typically provide the following: Site Plans, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details. Drawings get split into specialised areas of work such as general arrangements, structural, drainage, mechanical and electrical, setting out and finishes. Each set of drawings will present the information necessary for the specialised designer or sub-contractor to take forward their element of design. Where there is no further element of design required, the drawings should be sufficiently detailed for construction.

Small Projects:

For a small project such as a residential extension, information may be collated and presented on a single A0 or A1 sheet. Based upon the information to be shown, It is at the architect’s discretion whether or not drawings get divided into separate specialised work areas.


Click Post provides the tools necessary for the printing of architects and architectural plans online. Next day delivery is also available on orders placed before 3pm (excluding bank holidays and weekends). Upload your PDF files now and order plan prints online.

Need to print multiple paper sizes? Just use our online upload tool…

Our simple upload tool has everything to get your prints online. Choose paper sizes from A0 to A4, print scale, colour or black and white and number of copies. There are many delivery options to choose from including next day delivery and sending prints directly to your client or contractor.